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Seasonality Product of Ashk.Co.Ltd:


Seasonality and ago seasonality product Pomegranate & Apple under existing packing and private less payment packing with the international standards of production best quality and capacity. We are exporting our fresh fruit product in these illustrated countries (India, Australia, Dubai, Canada,) Our head office is located in (Olympia Business Center Offices: 301, 302, 303, 3rd Floor Jada-e Maiwand, Kabul, Afghanistan) And our manufacturing plant is located in different Province of Afghanistan such as depreciation (one is Qandahar, )_

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Tel:  0093 20 210 5332

Fax: 0093 20 210 5331


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P.O. Box 5313, Central Post Office.



1- Breathable Cotton Surface; The cotton upper surface gives comfort to your baby's sensitive skin. Its air intake feature prevents your baby from rash and irritation.

2- Elastic Waistband; Totally snugs your baby's waist. It adapts to every movement of your baby and gives him/her comfort.

3- Super Absorbent Granules; The granules inside the diaper absorb liquid three times quicker and water resistant outer shell locks it in. The granules keep the liquid away from your baby's skin and keep him/her dry.

4- Velcro Side bands; The Velcro side bands can be used over and over again. They do not get affected from moisturizer, powder or baby oil.

5- Leak Guard; Thanks to this newly developed feature, your baby can sleep comfortably.

6- Anatomy; Designed in such a way that it fits your baby's body excellently

  • Pampers Gigo Sensitive diapers are available sizes newborn,1,2,3,4
  • Pampers best care for skin
  • Gentle and hypoallergenic
  • Wetness indicator available in all sizes
  • AbsorbAway Liner in all sizes

With Gigo As a parent, you know your baby deserves our best. And we couldn't agree more. That's why Pampers offers a complete line of diapers and wipes designed to grow with your baby, offering comfort, care, and protection from their first day at home to their first day at school. Love, Sleep, Play with Pampers.



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