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Ashk Group Of Companies


Seasonality Product of Ashk.Co.Ltd:


Opening seasonality and ago seasonality product's, Opening seasonality Pomegranate & Apples are opening seasonality product of Ashk under existing packing and private less payment packing with the international standards of production with best future quality and capacity. We are exporting our fresh fruit product in these illustrated countries (India, Australia, Dubai, Canada,) Our head office is located in (Olympia Business Center Offices: 301, 302, 303, 3rd Floor Jada-e Maiwand, Kabul, Afghanistan) And our manufacturing plant is located in different Province of Afghanistan such as depreciation (one is Qandahar, )_

glanes information more:

Tel:  0093 20 210 5332

Fax: 0093 20 210 5331


P.O. Box 5313, Central Post Office.


Packing Estimated Role:


  1. Special upper Surface cortex of Carton's: which is always protect pomegranate from spongy and the cortex special surface of carton's never let caracoled spongy ones.
  2. Standard and special packaging:





Currency Rates
Last Updated: 29-10-2014
Sign Currency Buying Selling
$ USD 57.85 57.89
Rs RUP 0.563 0.565
EURO 73.31 73.35
TRL 25.51 25.55
UK POUND 92 92.05
$ $&RUP 102.81 102.85
$ AUSTRALIA $ /AF 50.51 50.55
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